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Transmute your grief with courage and heart supporting herbs to help release pain and sorrow. This transformative herbal blend contains ingredients shown to soothe your nervous system, support your energetic and physical heart, and support healthy dopamine levels.

 Featuring āyurvedic adaptogens shown to-

-facilitate the release of grief*

-support L-dopa levels*

-promote emotional resilience*

-enhance nervous system function*

-support relaxation and nervous tension*

 Ashoka- Saraca indica°

Translated as "remover of sorrows", the name gives great insight into its ability to cure pain and discomfort. Lord Buddha was born under an ashoka tree and Sita herself was held captive in an ashoka grove in Sri Lanka. Ashoka is a famous uterine tonic and is know for nourishing the heart, often used to support the circulatory system and cardiac weakness. It's analgesic properties are wonderful for soothing vāta aggravated nerves, and it is balancing to kapha dosha, which rules grief. *

 Arjuna- Terminali arjuna°

Named after one of the heroes in the great Indian epic the Mahābhārata, this bark is known for its ability to strengthen the physical heart, and is said to give the strength and courage of Arjuna to those who use it. It is wonderful for treating emotional disturbance especially a 'broken heart', and has wound healing properties externally as well. *

 Rose- Rosa sp.°

Rose petals have long been used to lift the spirits as anyone who has been on the receiving end of a bouqet can attest to. Rose has an affinity for the energetic heart and helps to open anahata cakra to support increased patience, compassion, and love, especially to ourselves. Rose also serves to soothe nervous depression and anxiety, and has the additional benefits of calming inflammation and increasing fertility. *

 Anantamula- Hemidesmus indicus°

Grief can take a serious toll on rasa dhātu, which is the tissue known for supporting "faith". A healthy rasa is indicated by this emotion, which is the faith that everything is going to work out and be okay.  It's sweet and nourishing quality nourishes the mind and is very useful when we feel disturbances like anger or irritation. It also helps to support a depressed appetite, and is a wonderful fertility tonic for men and women alike.*

 Shankapushpi- Evolvulus alsinoides°

This herb is incredibly effective at soothing the nervous system and is nervine, sedative, and antispasmodic. It helps to alleviate stress by promoting the integrity of the entire nervous system, and pacifies upwards moving vāta. It is excellent for promoting sleep for those who have emotional restlessness, and is know for alleviating insanity and emotional instability. *

 Yashtimadhu root- Glyccrhiza glabra°

Sweet flavor is a wonderful pacifier for grief which is why so many people crave chocolate when they feel sad! 50 times sweeter than sucrose, licorice is excellent for nourishing and soothing the adrenals, and is great for those suffering from nervous exhaustion. Its sattvic nature helps to calm the mind.*

 Ashwagandha- Withania somnifera°

Ashwagandha has the prabhāv, or unexplained effect of being both sedative and tonic! It is excellent for strengthening an exhausted nervous system especially with signs of emotional instability, agitation, and stress. It calms while giving increased energy, and is used when there is excessive thinking, insomnia, ADD and ADHD. *

 Brahmi- Bacopa monnieri°

Brahmi's name is derived from the word Bhrama, and literally means the energy of Brahman.  It helps to improve memory, learning ability, and focus. It is also used to aid recovery from exhaustion, stress, and debility with aggravation of vāta. It helps to ease tension throughout the nervous system and even benefits muscle tension and menstrual pain. It is also very commonly used to treat insomnia.*

 Mucuna- Mucuna pruriens °

This bean contains the L-dopa, an essential precursor of dopamine. It is used as a specific remedy for Parkinson's disease. It has some stimulating qualities, and can help us move out of a dark slump by giving energy and momentum. Like many of the other herbs listed, it is also a reproductive tonic.*

°organic ingredients

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

Consult your healthcare practitioner before use if pregnant.