April Cornell - Tattoo Artist / Owner

April Cornell (she/her) is an intuitive Tattoo artist, medium, healer and coach. She combines her spiritual gifts and practices to create channeled custom artwork for clients. She also sees clients for readings, healing sessions, Auragraphs and coaching.


Tattooing allows me to have a creative outlet that keeps me growing and challenged as an artist and is always inspiring. Being an intuitive healer is a part of who I am. As I began to grow in and understand my capabilities as an intuitive coach and healer, I began to see that I could no longer separate the two from each other. Combining these talents was a natural transition that not only elevated my artwork but the transformational experiences my clients were having while working with me.


I open and hold sacred space while running energy with every client I see. I honor the transformational process of tattooing and combine sessions with energy work and also do healing sessions alone. With this process I’ve created, an alchemical and transmutation of healing can take place. A deep shift often occurs when opening the skin during the process of tattooing.Through this process we can heal layers of the body, mind and soul.

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Since I was young I was obsessed with two things, art and all things magical. As a young child I knew I wanted to be covered in tattoos and I also couldn’t get enough of the mystical arts. I was constantly doing something creative or learning as much as I could about my own intuitive abilities and strange occurrences with magic, mediumship and my own psychic guidance. HOW I DISCOVERED IT After I had been tattooing for about 6 years I started to become aware that my sessions with my clients looked a lot different than my colleagues at the time. I started to have visions of how tattooing used to be practiced and I began to be guided to make the shift into practicing my art in this way. I also started to notice that my clients where making profound shifts in their lives. I began to play with the energy while creating art and creating a more healing space for my clients throughout the tattoo process. I started to utilize my intuition and training as a healer to help guide my artwork and tattoo process. It wasn’t long before I had the vision of the space I was being called to create to support myself and my clients. I wanted to go deeper within my own creative passions and I wanted to create a safe and trauma informed space where my clients could expand and transform through the powerful process of tattooing and energy work. I offer a variety of services from readings, healings, Auragraphs, courses, life coaching and tattoos.


The most rewarding part of what I do is serving others and witnessing their shifts throughout the reading, healing and tattoo process. I love the relationship that is built with my clients and the journey I see them go on whether it is one session or years of working together. I tattoo entire families, friend groups and people all over the world. It’s incredible how tattooing brings together an amazing bond and paired with energy work, creates a shift in growth and to claiming one’s purpose even deeper.


Tattooing is an incredible way to surrender and move through pain, trauma and also to celebrate life. It’s an amazing healing tool that when set with intention and a guide, can result in powerful transformation and healing. Moving through blocks and stepping further on to your journey as a result. I think a lot of us find tattooing as a way to process pain and trauma, usually unconsciously and to also mark significant times in our life. Allowing space for energy to move out of the body and for energy to shift, align and balance as a result. The tattoo being the talisman of this healing, a signature of transformation through time and space.


Nature, sacred geometry, ancient cultures & traditions, love, art, ritual, aliens, Norse cosmology, plant medicines, dancing and meditation. I love to take walks in nature and spend time with my family, pets, friends, and clients. Looking at beautiful art in museums, reading books, mystical arts, channeling, studying with my mentors and community, meditation, continually claiming my sovereignty and helping others to do the same.

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