To book an appointment call us 206-714-8455 or fill out the submission form. We respond to submissions in the order received but not all submissions will be accepted. If we do not select a submission, we will try to refer you to an artist that is best suited to your subject matter. When filling out the submission form, please be as descriptive as possible. It’s very helpful for us to know exactly what it is you’re looking for. You can upload any reference photos to your submission form or include in a separate email. Let us know what you like or dislike about the photos submitted.

April and Kelsi are generally booked out several months in advance. We keep a cancellation list, however clients that are already on the regular schedule and have ongoing projects will take precedence. It never hurts to check in. If you would like to expedite your appointment with April, check the express booking option on the tattoo appointment submission form.

Aprils hourly is $250/$200 minimum. Kelsi's hourly is $225/$150 minimum. $100 deposit is required for most deposits. The deposit is not an additional fee and will come off the price of the tattoo when the tattoo is completed. Deposits are non refundable, no exceptions. There is a 72 hour cancellation policy in order to reschedule appointments. Failure to meet the 72 hour deadline forfeits the deposit. No shows forfeit the deposit and all standing appointments are removed from the schedule. Please reach out at your earliest convenience if you need to reschedule.

Be sure to eat something before you arrive, be rested, hydrated and not hungover. Please plan your attire appropriately so there is easy access to the area getting tattooed while providing you maximum comfort and modesty. Please do not consume any blood thinning medications before hand and avoid alcohol. Be sure to let us know if you are taking any medications that may prevent you from healing properly. If you are prone to fainting or generally have low blood sugar, please let us know.


  • Leave bandage on for 24 hours, unless otherwise directed.
  • With clean hands, remove bandage and clean tattoo with fragrance free soap and warm water. Pat dry with a freshly laundered towl or blot dry with a paper towel.
  • Let tattoo be dry for the first day or two.
  • With clean hands, lightly apply Keeper of the Ink, once or twice a day but no more than that. The ointment should absorb into your skin. If the ointment does not absorb fully and looks shiny, you have too much on, gently take some off with a paper towel.
  • When the tattoo actively starts flaking and peeling, you can start adding lotion once or twice a day. Choose a water-based, fragrance and dye free lotion, if you are using KOI, continue to use but also use a little lotion when it feels dry.
  • Wear clean clothing and be sure that any bedsheets or any article of clothing that your new tattoo will come in contact with, is clean and not skin tight. Your tattoo is an open wound and can get infected if you are exposed to bacteria. Be mindful to not touch or rest your new tattoo any surfaces or objects where you could come in contact with bacteria. Don't let your loved ones touch your fresh and heaing tattoo. Wearing a loose article of clothing over your new tattoo, if possible, can help protect your tattoo from exposure to bacteria, do not wear tight clothing.
  • If your tattoo becomes unusually red, painful and/or irritated use a small amount of neosporin or bacitracin as directed until infection clears, usually two to three days. Once redness and infection clears, stop using ointment and heal as normal. If you are concerned or unsure, you can always call the shop or see your doctor immediately. ONLY use neosporin or bacitracin if you are not allergic and are sure that your tattoo may be infected. If you are unsure, you can all ways call the shop, email or see your doctor.
  • Do not let your new tattoo come in contact with animals or risk being scratched.
  • Do not pick or scratch your tattoo, soak in any kind of water (showering once a day is fine), or expose to sunlight. The KOI product is very helpful when your tattoo goes through the itchy stage, lightly apply KOI when tattoo is itchy but do not scratch or pick at your tattoo, ever.
  • Once your tattoo is healed use SPF to protect your new tattoo and enjoy. Your tattoo will heal in 1-2 weeks. It will take up to a month to be completely healed. Until your tattoo is healed the black and grey or color may look milky, shiny until it is completely healed. Give it time to heal and stay out of the sun. If your tattoo sticks to bed sheets or clothing, do not pull material off your skin. Soak material in water and then remove, clean and dry.
  • Your new tattoo may seep plasma for up to 24 hours, this is normal. It is important to try and leave your bandage on until the next day. After you clean your tattoo and begin the healing instructions it is normal for your tattoo to be red, a bit swollen and tender. Your tattoo will form a thin scab layer over the entire tattoo. It is important to not pick or scratch your tattoo. Once your tattoo flakes off it may take up to a month for the black work or color to be true to color and even throughout. If you have any parts of your tattoo that need touch up after it has been healed for one month, please contact me for a touch up. Touch ups are complimentary with in 6 months only.

Yes, we sell gift certificates in any amount. They can be purchased on our online store and mailed to you or in person at Altar.

Yes, there is free 2 hour parking in front of the shop and neighboring side streets.

Cash is always preferred but we do accept credit cards. Sorry, no checks.