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Thank you for your interest in my work. I offer many different services including intuitive guidance and mediumship readings, card readings, Auragraphs, Reiki healing sessions and combination packages from all of the above. 

My goal and intention in working with clients is to help bring clarity, balance and tangible tools for moving forward on your path. I work to bring balance and to release what is holding you back, helping you to further expand emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This work can help you feel more aligned to your true essence, your purpose and your path in life. It is also my intention and goal to help my clients step into and create their highest potential.

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NEW: Reiki with Amelia

Amelia is a Mexican-Filipino American trained in Usui Reiki, Cosmic Reiki, and certified as a Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness. She is the owner behind Prism Crystals, an ethically sourced crystal company that emphasizes the importance of self-healing, mindfulness, and intentional living.

Amelia's intention with working with clients is to help them navigate their unique journey in this lifetime and to empower them to find the answers within themselves. She believes we are here to learn, transform, and evolve into the highest version of ourselves, and sometimes that includes going through challenging experiences that test our ability to transmute the pain into love.

Amelia offers a space where clients can come back home to themselves through the conscious awareness and expansiveness of crystals, astrology, and energy healing. Her offerings include Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Cosmic Healing.

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What is an Auragraph?

An Auragraph is a channeled piece of artwork that is done during a psychic mediumship reading. The artwork is not a refined piece of art but a sketch that is a reading within itself. After the reading is over April will then read the Auragraph to you. The Auragraph is sent home, or mailed to you if you're working from a distance. Some clients choose to get their Auragraphs tattooed as their own personal talisman or healing symbol. Please inquire with April after your reading if this is of interest to you.


April is a powerhouse! Her teachings of how to use these abundant tools has sifted my practice, like an uplevel. I understand more and I feel so grounded in the fact that all this work is genuine and filled with support and love. April is a teacher I can count on and excited to continue to learn from. She created a space where I felt safe and inspired. It feels so good that my practice is stronger than ever. If you are new to this work or have a daily practice she will expand wherever you are. Her knowledge and wisdom is so comforting. -

- Stephanie (Seattle, WA)

My session with April made me feel that perhaps the soul-sickness of our culture is in part due to the fact that we're not fully embracing those among us with psychic and medium gifts. Have you ever gone to a therapist or healer and felt like they were relating to you through some framework or predetermined idea of what your situation and needs were? I have. Like a hundred times. But with April my experience was different. It was clear that she was looking directly at me, in the moment, as I was showing up. Through a combination of her intuitive/psychic abilities and communication with one of my ancestors, she gave information that was acutely relative both to the moment at hand and my life story as a whole. Of course I'm going to say it, "She knew things she couldn't have known." But it's true - she did. And having her reflect my own truths back to me was incredibly powerful. It was both validating and motivating. And the messages on how to act moving forward - what to let go of and what to hold onto - were exactly what I needed to hear. She saw me for who I am and she gave me information that empowered me to move forward with confidence and clarity. It was one of the most useful sessions that I've ever had with a healer. And I've had a lot of them.

- Rachel (Seattle, WA)

Everyday felt like I was pulling a ton of rocks behind me. To be honest, I felt so trapped and stuck. I was in Seattle for work and during my time there I met April.

I was in the process of rebirth spiritually. I was getting my tattoo with April as part of that process. The next step I had to take was spiritual. That was the hardest mountain to climb. I had been trying self guided healing and I needed more support. I booked a session with April as a way to find myself and redirect me in my purpose. April helped guide me the entire way. After working one session she revealed many things that have been inside me manifesting. My energy I was using was exhausting. Working with April helped me repurpose that energy and everyday I utilize the session we had and each day is better than the next.

She’s revealed opportunities that have come up and have happened. She’s helped heal parts of my psyche that on my own would never have happened. She’s helped me close those doors, so new ones can open. If you are in a place where you feel lost, you are hurting, or need to heal and move on from something, I highly recommend having a session with April. I cannot wait to book my next session. I feel like a whole new woman.

- Nicole (San Diego, CA)

April’s energy and heart are true and loving. She embraces you as you are and offers valuable insights and messages from the Universe and or your Spirit Guides. Her studio, Altar is one of the most Zen places I have visited. Every time I leave there I feel better, grounded and light. Whether my visit is for a Sound Bath, Meditation, Essential Oil Class, Reiki work, I always leave a little changed and for the better. Anything that April provides as a service or as a retail item is thoughtfully chosen for its particular healing properties, or to support wonderful people that are often local. I can always trust anything she sells to be truly amazing.

Most recently I felt pulled to have a remote session for Reiki and it was AMAZING! I was not sure how the remote session would work, but it did just as good if not better than a live session. With all the stress of COVID, I felt blocked, untethered and undirected. I had a wonderful reading and energy clearing and felt re-connected to the Universe again and could focus on what is important.

Her messages are always spot on. If you have ever wondered what it would be like or what Reiki even is, I highly recommend it. It’s not scary at all and is very enlightening and validates your natural intuitive thoughts. In addition, it released my body pain which lasted a few days even.

No matter where you might be on your soul journey, April is there to hold space for you exactly as you are, without judgment or prejudice.

- Erica (Snoqualmie, WA)

Thank you so much for all you do. I have only had amazingly helpful experiences with you, with Saturday having been one of the most influential spiritual experiences I have ever had. I appreciate all the intentions you set for me and my path, and all of the mindset changes that you have influenced that I have already noticed are taking over. It's an ongoing process but you inspired me greatly. Thank you so much.

- LJC (Seattle, WA)

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