Anti Bad Vibe Shield Soak

Anti Bad Vibe Shield Soak

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Pour in bath as a soak or use as a body scrub.

Sea salt will set you free. 


Our classic Gem and Honey Soaks -

Infused with local, bio-dynamic honey the keepers call their "magic honey" and charged with quartz.


Our hand blended sea soaks for a multi sensory bathing experience. We source the finest ingredients from across the wild yonder...


Ingredients: quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt, biodynamic honey and pure essential oils and resins.


Blends (essential oils)


Cosmic: palo santo and orange

Luna: eucalytpus, ginger and spearmint

Wild Yonder: cedarwood, ambretta, amber

Desert Daze: petitgrain, pinon and neroli

Anti Bad Vibe Shield: frankincense, ylang ylang and rose

Rising Sun: vetiver and petitgrain

Rising Moon: howood, pine, patchouli


Multi-sensory botanical self care.