Love + Salt Beach Hair and Body Mist
Love + Salt Beach Hair and Body Mist

Love + Salt Beach Hair and Body Mist

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I don't get to spend nearly enough days at the beach, but I don't mind pretending that I do on a regular basis...

Love + Salt is a  vegan, volume-enhancing mist that gives hair impossibly sultry beach waves.  
My favorite way to use this is to spray it on dry hair, throw it in a top knot and let it sit overnight.  In the morning I have impossibly sultry beach waves!!
Ingredients: Purified Water, Epsom Salts, Pink Himalayan Salt, Organic French Sea Salt, Dendritic Salt, Organic Alcohol, Fragrance.

Love + Salt is packaged in either a 2 ounce or an 8 ounce glass bottle with a pump.
♥ All products from Olivine Atelier are VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE! ♥

I've gotten several emails from people asking why I don't package the Love + Salt in a plastic bottle, so I have some answers for you!
- I try to use as little plastic as possible in my life, in my home and around my child. Of course plastic makes its way in, but I find that the less plastic I use the better I feel about our health and the earth.
- Glass is beautiful in my bathroom, plastic is not. I want to be surrounded by beautiful things!
But isn't it dangerous having glass in the bathroom?
- Believe you me, I've broken my fair share of glass in the bathroom! Please be careful with your glass items in the bathroom, and really any where else in life that they can break! If it makes you feel more comfortable, put a couple rubber bands around the bottle, it makes it super easy to get a good grip!